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A Premier Pop Music Producer & DJ


Martin K is a global
multi-platinum selling music producer, songwriter and a professional DJ. Martin K has written and produced music for many artists who include:


  • Lionel Richie (US)

  • Jessie J (UK)

  • Sugababes (UK)

  • Shontelle (US)

  • Sophie Ellis-Bextor (UK)

  • Exo-CBX (KR)

  • Joe (US)

  • Ruben Studdard (US)

  • Maria Ilieva (BG)

  • Super Junior (KR)

  • Jessica Jung (KR)

  • BoA (KR)

  • Toksi (DE)

  • MiChi (JP)

  • W-Inds (JP)

  • Petter Northug Jr (NO)

  • Madcon (NO)

  • Marcus & Martinus (NO)

  • Julie Bergan (NO)

  • D'Sound (NO)

  • Aune Sand (NO)

  • Lxandra (FI)


.... and many more

Martin K started out and has a history of being a piano-player and a bandleader, which later also lead to DJ'ing, music-composing and production. He has a long experience in DJ'ing in many settings. He does a lot of club-gigs and different kinds of event-gigs due to his versatility. He has a commercial style with an edge and is known for his energetic and diverse DJ-sets. He has shared stage with Stargate, Ne-Yo, Alan Walker, Joe, D'Sound etc to name a few. He is often hired to big events, kickoffs and clubgigs. Martin K is also responsible for booking at many clubs and has club concepts on his own to this date. His experience as a DJ gives him the opportunity to teach others to become DJs as well, and he still occasionally gives lessons.

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Martin K offers a wide range of different production services. Regardless of the acoustic style you have, Martin K will take an objective, creative, and professional approach to making it sound ‘world-class’. You’ll not only benefit from cutting-edge production equipment; you’ll also get an experienced ear to guarantee your music sounds incredible. Martin K has a very long experience in every aspect of creating a song; making instrumentals, recording vocals, writing lyrics and toplines and finishing the production of the song.


Martin K is also having masterclasses; speaking about music production, song-writing, music-philosophy, art vs commerce, Q&A, workshops etc. Contact for more info!

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